Corporate Massage 

What is Corporate Massage?

Corporate massage is when a musculoskeletal therapist comes to your work place, with an aim to relax and de-stress colleagues. 


With all the equipment provided, including a portable massage bed, oils and fresh fluffy towels for every client - all you need to provide is hard working colleagues who deserve treatment. Each company are given a unique link to enable all colleagues to have access to the online booking system, which is extremely simple to use. 

As long as your work place has a; 

​       Meeting room


       Staff room

       A private room


you are ready to go.

Why have corporate massage in your company?

Corporate massage is a cost effective way to relax and relieve stress on the work place. Companies that utilise corporate massage have highlighted an increase in productivity and employee wellbeing.


If you are an owner, manager, team leader or even an employee interested increasing team morale then take a look at the packages below to see what could work for you.  

Benefits to the employee:

  • releases mental stress and tension

  • improves focus and concentration

  • improves creative thinking

  • increases energy and vitality

  • brings clarity to the mind

  • calms the emotions

  • increases team morale


Can help with;

  • relieving carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis

  • relieving back, neck & shoulder pain

  • relieving repetitive strain injuries

  • helping neck pain and back problems

  • relieves tension headaches

  • improving blood circulation

  • strengthening the immune system and increases resistance to illness

  • releiving chronic muscle soreness and tension

Benefits to the company:

Benefits to the company:

  • prevents decreased absence 

  • staff motivation 

  • helps employee retainment 

  • improves productivity

  • sense of feeling valued and appreciated

  • happy team – happy office

  • a reward scheme for hard work

  • helps enhance the health and wellness of your business

Lunch Break? 

Does your company have a staged lunch breaks at midday? 

Marking books after school?

Do your teachers stay beind after school to mark books and plan for the week ahead?

For Price Packages, Look Below 

If you are interested in setting up a regular or one off session and would like some more information on this, please contact me. 

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